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Sage & Palo Santo Bundle

Sage & Palo Santo Bundle

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Sage & Palo Santo

Sage is a dried herb that is used to clear negative energy from a space to promote a relaxed and cleansed vibration. Burning sage can relieve stress, negative vibrations, boost your mood and cleanse/recharge yourself or objects such as crystals. Use around your home, on yourself and on your crystals regularly for noticeable results.

Palo Santo is wood from a tree called Bursera graveolens from South America and is used as an incense to clear negative energy and relax the body and mind. It's wonderful scent can be enjoyed regularly to promote a positive mind and environment. 

How to use Sage & Palo Santo Stick

Burn one side of the sage bundle, extinguish the flame and allow the smoke to flow. Open windows for fresh air and slowly walk around each corner of the room. Allow the smoke to fill up the space you wish to cleanse. You can also allow the smoke to flow around you to cleanse your energetic field. Once you are done, put out the smoke by gently pressing the sage against a flat surface until it fully extinguishes. Do no run it under water as this could ruin the sage leaves for future us.   Repeat as often as you wish.

Burn the smoke from Palo Santo wood stick to also clear negative energy and create a relaxed environment. Use as an incense stick.