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Quality & Care

crafted with care - infused with love.
all for you.


 Durable Elastic For Maximum Strength

Your bracelet has either been tied with a durable 1mm elastic or double/triple wrapped with 0.5mm elastic (depending on bead selection). This ensures maximum strength while maintaining its shape and form.  Please be careful not to pull and tug at the bracelet when taking it on and off. This will wear down the elastic and cause breakage. It is always best to roll them off and on to your wrist.



 Sage Cleansed To Purify Gemstones

Your crystals/stones have been cleansed with sage to remove any unwanted energy that may have been attached to it before it was given to you. We want it to be pure and clean when it arrives to you!




 Made with Love & Packed with Care

Your bracelet has been infused with well wishes and we hope you will love the benefits received from its healing properties. The final product is wrapped in our unique gift box and includes description cards for each crystal/stone for reference making it perfect for a gift.


zen rox packaging


 Cleansing Guide

Please remember to cleanse your bracelet every few months to maintain its highest positive vibrations.  We recommend placing the bracelet in a bowl full of dry salt (any kind of salt will do, go with the cheapest).

Immerse the bracelet in dry salt for 24-48 hours and then wipe it off and wear it again. Throw the salt out in the garbage can outside your home.  It is ideal to do this cleanse every 1-3 months, or whenever you feel like it is necessary.

salt cleaning for beaded crystals


 Sending you positive vibes and well wishes in the years to come!