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Our Story

Zen Rox Inc.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting us at Zen Rox. We are an Canadian owned and operated business, providing a range of carefully curated gemstones sourced from around the world.

Zen Rox Inc. is a gemstone wellness brand dedicated to offering only the highest therapeutic quality gemstone bracelets, crystals for your home, therapeutic products and educational support on how to use these extraordinary gems for healing and transformation.

Resha is our expert intuitive crystal consultant. She has spent many years studying the benefits of crystals/stones and is qualified to guide you to connect with crystals that will enhance your lifestyle and living space.

Each bracelet is designed and produced by hand, and cleansed with sage for our clientele. Raw crystals and stones are hand picked also also cleansed with sage for optimal vibration.
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Our Mission

Our mantra is to provide you with precious gemstones that radiate the healing energy you seek & to transform the body, mind, and spirit with positive aura.

Ethically Sourced Gemstones

All of our gemstones used to craft your pieces are sourced through fair trade suppliers. Zen Rox has partnered with suppliers that work in the ethical procurement of gemstones. Our partners have ensured they take measures to protect the environment, provide a safe working environment for the human resources and equal treatment.