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Kids Bracelets

Kids Bracelets

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Healing and Protection for Kids

Choose from our variety of gemstone for kids to suit their needs and style:

Rose Quartz - Self love & Confidence

Amethyst - Health & Inner strength

Apatite - Health and Motivation

Tiger's Eye - Strength & Motivation

Black Tourmaline - Protection against negative energy

Lapis Lazuli - Clear communication

Howlite - Calming and Soothing

Rainbow Fluorite - Anxiety and Fear

 **Charms are additional, go to Bracelets Menu and select Charms from the drop down menu.

 ***Gift box not provided with kids bracelets 

Bead Selection & Size guide:

Step 1 -  6mm beads already selected

Step 2 - Measure the child's wrist in inches with a measuring tape. Take a snug measurement and be sure not to pull too tight. Alternatively, you can take some string and wrap it snug around your wrist. Transfer the string to a ruler and take note of the number of inches.

Step 3 - Once you determine the number of inches, then select your measurement under the "Actual wrist size" drop-down menu above.

Step 4 - Select the "Fit Type" you prefer from the drop-down menu (snug, slightly loose or loose fit). We will make the adjustment as necessary.  

Step 5 - If you would like to add a charm to the bracelet, go to Bracelets at the top menu and select Charms from the drop down menu.  

*For smaller/larger sizes precise measurement is needed.

**It is your responsibility to provide correct measurements. Exchanges based on errors will be processed at the expense of the consumer.